F & D

Our F& D (Formulation ad Development) Cell is well organized scientifically for developing the products of quality at its best. We also strongly aim for upgrading the products from time to time so that products are appreciated by the ultimate consumers and they are benefited in their treatment fields as desired.

Our F & D Department is dedicated towards development of New Dosage form for the present Generic molecules which would enhance its Pharmacokinetic profile and Bioavailability. Its constant quest for developing new products and technology has led breakthrough innovations in a wide spectrum of areas such as Oncology, hormones & NDDS, apart from other generic products.

Benefits of F & D

  • Best patient compliance.

  • Ensures greater potency & effectiveness.

  • Ease of administration.

  • Better stability.

  • Low cost hence greater accessibility.

An excellent Formulation and Development laboratory is utilized to optimize our existing formulations, improve processes, and for new product development.